August’s eMusic

September 20, 2010

Had 10 bonus tracks this month, so woohoo!

InnerSpeaker by Tame Impala – 6 (of 12) Credits

Picking up the rest of the album from the previous month.

Crazy For You by Best Coast – 12 Credits

Supposedly one of the best albums of the year, it would be difficult for me to find a way to be more disappointed. There are a couple of stand out tracks, like Boyfriend and Crazy for You, but that is it. The rest is hot garbage, which is the worst type of garbage.

All Delighted People EP by Sufjan Stevens – 12 Credits

This one was a stretch at 12 credits for 8 songs, but the bonus helped me pull the trigger. If you have not heard Sufjan Stevens, I would not recommend this as your first experience, not because it is bad, but it just isn’t his best effort. I would still recommend it to folks who like his styling though. The first track is a little bit of a trip too.

Transit Transit by Autolux – 10 Credits

Where Best Coast disappointed, Autolux matched my expectations exactly. They do their thing (not very often albiet) but still put out good moody rock. Not going to rock your world, but worth a listen for sure.