July’s eMusic

September 20, 2010

Just one month late, and I had a bonus from eMusic to give me 40 total credits!

(don’t forget to) breathe by Various Artists – 12 Credits

The Promise Ring, Christie Front Drive, Hot Water Music, Knapsack, and Mineral are all on this emo sampler. You won’t find an emo sampler with more “big” names than this.

Infra by Max Richter – 12 Credits

The score for a ballet in Europe, this is one of Max Richter’s finest works. Haunting at times, just moody for the rest, this album is great for one of those rainy days, or background music for when you need to focus.

InnerSpeaker by Tame Impala – 6 (of 12) Credits

One of the hyped albums of the year that actually lives up to some of it. The standout tracks are in the first 6, but this is still an album worth checking out.