June’s eMusic

September 20, 2010

Just one month late, and I had a bonus from eMusic to give me 40 total credits!

Purple Rain by Prince – 9 Credits

I had never listened to this entire album, and it is pretty much a classic, so now I own it. And it still holds up, in case you were curious.

Brownswood Electric by Various Artists – 15 Credits

One of the things I love about eMusic is picking up samplers. This one isn’t fantastic, but with most samplers, you can pick out one or two songs. If you want one off of this, Wad by Pearson Sound is pretty good.

Rainer Maria by Rainer Maria – 6 Credits

More classic emo, and this is a classic release. If you like emo, you should have this. If you don’t, well then ignore it. It is that simple.