May’s eMusic

June 15, 2010

Just one month late, and I had a bonus from eMusic to give me 40 total credits!

Unfun (2010 Remastered Edition) by Jawbreaker – 12 Credits

As a former emo kid, I owed it to Jawbreaker to finally get their classic album, especially with it recently remastered. Sounds like early emo, so a bit more abrasive and punk than when I got into it, and way more abrasive and punk than when it became popular. You have been warned.

Mulatu Steps Ahead by Malatu Astatke – 9 Credits

A fun Ethiopian jazz album that serenades up and down the emotional chart. While I prefer his Ethiopiques efforts, this is not too bad for 9 credits.

Subiza by Delorean – 9 Credits

While Rebekah cannot stand the opening track, this is still an impressive dance album that grows on you with each listen. Someone compared the repeat listening experience to Merriweather Post Pavillion. While different genres for sure, you do get something new out of Subiza on each listen.

Yesterday You Said Tomorrow by Christian Scott – 10 Credits

Grabbed this one as it was recommended as the top jazz album so far of the year by Amazon, and eMusic gave it a Pick. And really, can you go wrong with a jazz cover of Thom Yorke? I need a couple more listens of this to really evaluate it, but so far I like what I hear