Livin’ Social

December 28, 2012

It seems a little crazy to me that it is quickly approaching a year that I gave up Google. In that time, there has only been one thing that keeps making me want to start up a new Google account, Google+. This is probably going to sound really odd because from most accounts, Google+ is really floundering. Over the course of the last year though, it is the only social network that did not have a major negative reaction to some policy change.

With Twitter, there is the huge API kerfuffle that makes me wonder if the app I like to use for Twitter can even function in 6 months. Facebook seemingly has some privacy thing each and every week. I shut down my Instagram account because of their Terms of Service change (which they since rolled back, but still…).

I also liked the idea of starting a social network from scratch, with the experience of using things like Twitter and Facebook for years. I can tell you that if I were starting both of those over again, especially Facebook, I would have things setup way differently. Once you are in for so long though, it would take hours to get things setup the way I wanted, and even then, I would have to hope that I got them correct.

With all that, I did a few things today. First, I did actually sign up for Google+. I am not quite done with the profile yet, but you can find me here.

Second, I have setup pages on both Google+ and Facebook for this site. This is to complement the Twitter account for the site. I will be checking each of those accounts more frequently, so let me know what you think on any of them.