Ghana Trip Site

July 9, 2013

It has taken a little longer than I liked, but I have the site setup to host the log/notes from my trip to Ghana up. You can find it at A few notes, first, I dont have all the content up there yet. Each day of the trip, I took notes from the day, so I am planning on posting the notes,lightly edited as well as adding some images. This means the posts are closer to a stream of conscience from the trip, as opposed to a trip wrap up. Then after I have posted all of the days, I will be doing a wrap up post, reflecting on the whole trip.

I have enabled comments on the site, so feel free to ask questions, post comments, etc. I will be responding on the site.

I will also be posting announcements of new posts on the Twitter feed for this site as well as Facebook. If you prefer RSS, there is a feed for that site at, they will not be coming through the feed for this site.

Finally, I want to thank our church, First United Methodist of Iowa City, for making this trip happen, specifically Kwesi Ewoodzie for organizing the trip and dealing with all of our questions and requests throughout our journey.