How Can You Watch That?

February 27, 2013

I have heard that phrase a number of times throughout my life. It isn’t from when I watched Kill Bill or something over the top like that. It is when I am watching a random sporting event, football, soccer, basketball,etc, that isn’t involving a team I follow. It might be a Sun Belt football game or a weekday MLS match, but I am still watching, seemingly with no good reason to.

Here is the thing though, while I might not start with a reason to, within 5 minutes, I usually do. I find a reason or reasons to cheer for one team over the other. And the more you watch, the quicker that decision process is. I can tell you, without a doubt, who I will cheer for in the MLS opening weekend after having two seasons of MLS Live under my belt. Same goes for all of D1 and most of D1-A football teams. It is also one of the things that makes the NCAA tournament so great.

For most sports fans, they will read this and say “well, yeah, duh” but for the non-sports fans out there, this is a little insight into how and why I can sit down and watch La Tech play Utah State and know, I will cheer for La Tech to win.