November 21, 2013

Since getting rid of the Wii, one glaring hole in my video game world has been Zelda. I love the Zelda games, and don’t care that each game is basically the exact same thing just with better graphics or different challenges. So, when I saw the teaser for Oceanhorn this summer, I had some hope that my Zelda fix could actually be solved on iOS, at least somewhat.

The good news is, it did solve my fix. Yes, 9 bucks is a lot for an iOS game and no, it isn’t quite up to the same quality as a Zelda game, but it is still a lot of fun to play and when comparing it to a full Zelda game, 9 bucks is a deal. I have been playing it on an iPad mini and it is perfect for that form factor. The mini is light enough to hold for extended periods of time, but a large enough screen that the games little details are not missed. This was an easy purchase for me, and if you enjoy Zelda, I highly recommend it.

Oceanhorn in the App Store