W.E.B DuBois Center


June 3, 2013

It was quite early this morning to get started, we were out at the van at 5 AM. Things didn’t go quite to plan with the breakfast though, as the doughballs were not ready yet. After some arguing with the staff, we finally got a large bag full of them for the ride, and at 5:30 we were on our way, seeing the Gloriaka Hotel for the last time.

It was about a 2 hour drive to Accra, where it started to downpour on the drive. This meant that instead of heading to the market first, we were off to the W.E.B Dubois Center. We got there before it open, so we hung around a little bit, getting some coffee from a shop next store. It was actually an americano, but it was the first real coffee drink I had in 11 days, so it hit the spot.

When the center opened, we got the tour of the house and the mausoleum. It was a nice tour, got me interested enough to do some more investigation about his life when we get home.

We were then drove through downtown Accra, seeing the national stadium, supreme court and other sites. We then headed to the market, now that the rain had stopped and it was not flooded. This market was similar to the one in Swedru, with the major difference being a little wider aisles and much much pushier sales folks. This market was focused on tourists, and the sales people were there to hassle you until you bought something.

Kwesi did do a good job reminding us not to take the first price of anything, making sure to barter for everything you bought. Because of that, I was able to get will his Ghana jersey, as well as a jersey for myself, some coasters and a picture for Henry’s room.

After that, we headed to lunch at a Chinese restaurant near the airport. It was a little odd to have that be our last meal in Ghana. It was a little too close to something we could have gotten at home, making me a little sad I wouldn’t get one last stab at shito. We then headed to Kwesi’s stepmom’s house to get our luggage, and then off to the airport.

The goodbyes were too quick as we got unloaded, but it was that time. Checking in for the flight was a little confusing and took quite a bit longer than I expected, though I did get hit on the last time, so that was a bonus. We then got through security at the designated time and waited at the gate until it was time to board. In just about 24 hours from right now, I should be home, hugging Rebekah and the boys.