Church Stage

Church & Beach, Part Duex

June 2, 2013

We got to sleep in just a little bit this morning as we didn’t need to eat breakfast until 8:30. When we got there, there was something new, a fried doughball that was quite a bit like a doughnut. It was tasty and portable, so we are planning on having more in the van ride tomorrow morning. After finishing them, we then headed into the van for the ride up to the church.

We went to a different church, one that Kwesi’s dad founded across the street from the school we worked at. It was great to see so many of the kids from the school there. It was also an amazing service. The church was much smaller than last week, and since we knew so many of the kids, we were a lot more comfortable overall. At one point, I saw three butterflies outside the window, and it just seemed like God was telling me, he was in that place right then. After the service, we took a group photo, then quickly got into the van. We did it so quick that many of us didn’t process that was the last time we would see the kids.

We got back to the hotel and had lunch, a rice and beans dish with shitto on the side, along with some fish, meat pies and fruit on the side. It was quite a bit to eat, but as usual, we did a good number on it. It was then off to the beach after that.

We went to the same beach as last time. It was just as empty, so we had 3 solid hours of frisbee, swimming and napping on the beach. A fun relaxing day to wrap up the stay in the Winneba area. I even got into the ocean some with the water being very warm. From the ocean, looking back to land, it was one of the most picturesque things I had ever seen. It was like something out of a movie with the palm trees all lined up and a green forested hill in the background. It also made me thing about many of the spots we went this week and how much I will miss them.

We had a light dinner of coconut and nuts at the beach. The coconuts were fresh off the tree, some of which a young boy climbed a 35 foot palm tree to knock down for us. After that, the coconuts were slashed open with a machete so we could drink the juice, then broken open so we could eat the pulp as well. I had never done that before, and it made for a tasty meal.

Then we were back to the hotel to have a last meeting with the bishop. He said some very kind words, blessed our travel home and thanked us for our work. Once he left, it was about time for bed, as we are headed out at 5 am tomorrow morning for what we are told is going to be a busy day in Accra tomorrow.