Schoolyard with Children

Fuego Fog

May 30, 2013

Another early morning as we headed to the school to get the painting finished. We started on the outside and got it all wrapped up pretty quickly. Nothing too eventful there, other than more time on the table. At one point, we heard some thunder. It struck me that Hollywood just have me conditioned, because being in the tropical environment, once I heard the thunder, I expected a sudden downpour immediately after just like the movies. We then headed into the classroom to finish that up as well. Right as we headed in there, it started to rain. It was like the Lord was in on the itinerary as well, letting us finish up outside first before starting the rain.

After we got all the painting supplies put away, we headed to the internet café so we could ship off some videos to the church. Unfortunately, the one we had been going to was closed. We headed into Winneba to check for others, and it took until the 4th one to get one with wifi. In the end, we were successful in getting the video sent off. Hopefully they can show it at church on Sunday to give Rebekah, Will & Henry a glimpse at things here.

We were then late for lunch, but that was alright. We went to Hut D’Eric again, this time for some peanut soup. It was served with a rice ball in the middle and soup over it. The soup was just a little spicy and was quite amazing, especially with the fruit served with it. We also found they had fruit juices in their cooler, a tropical juice, a pineapple juice and a pineapple with ginger. When one of us looked at the label, we found that it had been squeezed yesterday, and had to be drank by next Tuesday. It was delicious stuff!

After the meal, we waited at the restaurant for the president of the Methodist University College Ghana in Accra to come and visit. He was traveling through for a conference and Pastor Barrie wanted to meet with him. He was running a bit late, so it gave us a chance to just read while sitting in the shaded breeze. It was almost cool at a couple of points. Not long after, the president of the university showed up, at the same time, the bishop for the Methodist church in Winneba arrived as well. We sat down and had a conversation with all of us, then it broke up a little and just our guests and Pastor Barrie chatted.

Once we wrapped up there, we headed back to the school to pick up supplies for the clinic. At the clinic, we got to meet the chief of the town and have a presentation giving the supplies to the clinic. It was rather humbling seeing a three room clinic setup to serve 10 different villages in the area. Our supplies will help, but it just doesn’t feel like making a dent in the overall need.

After that, it was back to the hotel, where for the first time the entire trip, we had both running water and electricity when we got here. I was so excited, I showered right away, nearly missing a chance to go to the internet café. Once there, I got to chat with Rebekah for most of the 30 minutes we had. It was nice to touch base again, likely the last time for the trip.

We then headed back to the hotel just in time for dinner. It was a fruit buffet once again, pineapple, papaya, mango, oranges, watermelon, avocado and bananas. The mango was just perfect tonight. Then, we also had a cake that had been requested in passing. It was a magnificent looking cake and tasted just as good. It was only when we were half way done with our slices, that we asked how much it cost. We were told it was 200 cedes, or $100. At that point, we all made sure to finish our plates, and will be having some tomorrow as well.

After the cake, we chatted like usual, planning out the next couple of days. The sugar must have gotten to us all, because I had not laughed that hard in a very long time. One joke in particular was from the drive earlier, in which Sarah couldn’t remember the word for smoke, and in turn, made up the phrase fuego fog, aka fire fog, to describe what it was.