Dressed up for Church

Around Accra

May 31, 2015

I got a pretty good night sleep last night, probably my best in Accra yet. That made it a lot easier to handle the lengthy church service today. We went over to the church for breakfast, fruit, bread and bofrout. Then at 8:45 we headed to the service. It was a special service where more than one church in Accra was coming together. It was setup to be outside, but because we were late, we had to sit inside. This was a blessing in disguise though as it started to downpour and caused everyone to come inside.

The service ended up being 4 hours long though and by the end, it was getting very stuffy without much air moving by us. One nice thing was during the sermon in Fante, I decided it would be a good time to take some personal time with God and talk a bit about what is going on with work and life. It was a good 20 minutes for me.

After church, we had some Blue Skies and grabbed some groundnut soup for lunch. Unfortunately for me, it was made with fish. While I love fish, I enjoy groundnut soup with chicken more as the fish flavor can overpower the groundnut flavor. We then went to the newest mall here in Accra. It was a very strange experience. It was very new so it felt like being at home, mostly. There were a couple of things that stood out, first, there was a faux Lego store in the mall that just caught me off guard. Also, watching Ghanians try to use the escalator provided a little too much entertainment for the group. We did get a coffee from an actual coffee place, which was very good.

Then we tried to go to the beach, but it was getting too late and the beath was closed. We ended up driving around Accra a bit before headed back for dinner, fried rice and chicken. The group had a good chat too after dinner. Tomorrow is Kakum, should be fun, assuming the traffic isn’t too bad.