Kente in Adanwomase

Last Day in Kumasi

May 28, 2015

Last night we went to dinner at the Golden Tulip, one of the hotels that Kwesi interned at. It was odd stepping into an international hotel since it was basically instant culture shock. We sat outside by the pool for dinner and had a full service meal like you would at home. The pizza I got was actually really good too. It did get me thinking about the view from the hotel rooms and what they saw during the day.

Today we got up and found breakfast was not ready, so we had to wait a bit for it to arrive. We then went to the school and visited with the kids a bit. The elementary school next door was practicing for a native dance competition, so they invited us to come over and watch. They even convinced Pastor Heecheon to try out some of the dancing as well. After that, we went back to the school for the good-bye celebration. They presented us all with gifts and certificates and then there was music and dance. They even got me to dance, but the less said about that the better.

We then ate lunch which was pretty basic because a few folks are having upset stomach issues. I did share stomach soothers and optiflora with those that wanted it. It helped Katelyn quite a bit. We then had to say good bye for the last time. Amelia was quite sad to see Leigh and Katelyn go, making it tough on all of us.

We then went to the original location where kente cloth was made in Adanwomase. It was the normal haggling for anything to buy there, I feel like I did an alright job though. There was also the typical hagglers outside the tourist shop trying to sell trinkets, which all seemed pretty cheap to me.

We got to the hotel and dumsor had affected us now. The other night, the generator was working just fine but not tonight. It is likely to be a warm evening for us overnight and unfortunately my phone is nearly dead. I guess we get to see what most of the country gets to experience off and on right now.

Oh, and Kwesi talked to his cousin, who got the supplies for the school much cheaper than the original quote. He thinks we can get the well dug for much cheaper than $1700, so that was some good news.