Ghana National Museum

Relaxing in Accra

June 2, 2015

Today was just a relax day. Got up early to the rain coming down, had some coffee and waited on breakfast while visiting with everyone. Food didn’t make it until 10ish, but it was just fine. After that, we went to the W.E.B. DuBois Center and the Ghana National Museum. The museum was interesting as a tour guide took us to every single display and told us what was in it. I should say it was interesting for the first 10 minutes. After that, we stopped wondering if she was going to show us every exhibit and just dealt with it.

We then came back and had fufu for lunch. Whether it was a better dish or I was more experienced at it, this time it was much better than the last trip. Then after that, it was off to the cultural center to do some shopping. I felt less annoyed by the haggling this time, it was actually kind of fun. I got most of the stuff I was hoping for, so that was a bonus too.

We then stopped by one of the hotels Kwesi interned at and where Dela works. It was a very nice hotel, and priced to match. The manager took us around to see the rooms, which were all nice. We then went to the lounge area to get a drink, where Avram Grant was in the phone, looking at the FIFA news of the day. I was a bit in awe and Kwesi took me over to say hi and get a photo with him.

We then came back and had dinner, visited and played some cards. We are starting the trek back home tomorrow. I can’t wait to get home.