Town of Obo

Road Back to Accra

May 29, 2015

Today we came back to Accra. Luckily the power came on at 11:30 last night, so I was able to get things charged up for the day. It was a long drive, with a stop at the mountains along the way. We went to a place called AirJAYS, an offshoot of Jays Lodge. We got to do a canopy walk and a zipline. We started off by walking up 877 steps to the top of the mountain where the canopy walk was basically climbing up a flight of stairs and then walking from tree to tree at that height. Not quite the canopy walk I was thinking of, but it did offer some cool pics from there and a nice breeze.

We then walked back down about halfway down the steps to get to the zipline. Again, this wasnt horribly impressive. It ran along an open space on the mountain, so it offered good views, but it only ever got you about 10 feet off the ground so it wasnt very intimidating. After that, we headed back down the mountain and grabbed some lunch. The jollof rice we ate smelled just like I make it at home, which either says good things for my cooking or not so good things for theirs. It was pretty tasty though and the goat meat with it was good too. Ben wasn’t as keen on it, though he found something that wasn’t quite goat meat in his.

We then had the rest of the drive back to Accra, pretty uneventful really. Tonight we had a fish stew for dinner over rice and I started sorting dirty clothes from clean to start thinking about the return trip. As I sit here writing this, the jumbo jets taking off are in a flight pattern that points right towards the hotel. They are rather noisy as they get off the ground and turn quickly to head off in different directions. Just a reminder that we only have a few days left before headed home.