Hotel Room in Accra

Tough Travels

May 23, 2015

I forgot just how tough it was to do all this traveling. Starting Friday morning, it was a completely normal morning. I got up at my alarm, took a shower, got the boys up and we got them off to school. Henry had no idea anything was really diffferent at all, but I did have to fight off tears. Dropping off Will, I got out and gave him a hug and he ran off like no big deal. It didn’t hit me until after we drove away, that is the last time I was going to see him off to kindergarden.

The rest of the day at home was busy. I was packing, mowing and just trying to get some things done before I left to help Rebekah out. The one crazy thing was going to Fareway to get last minute stuff for the trip and some groceries. The boy taking the cart out to the car asked how our day was going as usual. I mentioned the trip to him. He seemed impressed that I was going, the he took a moment to bless my work and the trip overall.

Because we were so busy, it also meant that both of us were done with things to do before I had to leave. It was a bit tough to not dwell on the fact that I was leaving in half an hour for two weeks. The time did pass and I got to the airport. Check-in was no problem for me and unlike last time, the flight to Minneapolis was no problem either. Once we got there, we had a meal that was too expensive and I got some Dunn Bros coffee. I chatted with my family, all of them are in Florida visiting, so I even got to talk both my parents, my brother and even my grandmother.

The boys were having a tough time getting to sleep, so it didn’t seem that I would get to talk to Rebekah, but luckily they got to sleep just before the plane took off, so we did get to say goodbye before I flew across the ocean.

The flight was uneventful, just long. I slept a little bit, not as much as I would like. I watched a couple of movies, Interstellar and Transformers, the former being pretty good and the later not good at all. When we got to Amsterdam, fate would have it that the boys got up early and we were able to do a Facetime call over airport wi-fi. It was fun to do that, but also a bit rough on me too. Luckily I remember that being tired also makes things more emotional for me.

On the flight to Accra right now and we have an empty seat between us. I got to see Grand Budapest Hotel and the coffee isn’t terrible. I am told there will be a SIM card waiting for me in Ghana, so who knows, I might get to say hi from Ghana this evening. One can hope at least, even if it is tough to handle.