Market in Kumasi

Work & Shopping

May 26, 2015

Today was a much better day. Breakfast was much better for me, some oatmeal with brown sugar on it. While not my favorite, but I could definitely eat it and have it give me something in my stomach to have my meds and vitamins with. We then headed to the school, delayed by nasty traffic again. It seems there is a semi broken down at a major intersection. This is causing major problems not only at the intersection, but heading towards it because of the reduction of lanes.

When we got to the school, we saw that a number of kids had already started painting the buildings that got sanded down yesterday. It is crazy how motivated the kids are with the supplies were able to bring them. They were also working on what they could wth the water project, getting the pump ready and pouring more cement. Before we got to work, we got to meet the head of the clinic on the site and hear about the work they are doing. It is a very positive thing to hear about the work they are doing for pre and postnatal care.

While the other students painted, we had a number with us to help us out with the desk making. I got to learn how to shave down rough edges with a shaver. I got a bit of a blister doing the work because I forgot my work gloves. It was cool having one of the students guide me how to do something and learn from them. Once all the pieces of wood were in good shape, I got to help build some desks as well. While hammering, I only bent a few nails. Luckily the students were patient and I got to help with 3 of the desks. With all 20 desks done, we broke for lunch.

Unfortunately, lunch was very late. That did allow us to interact with more of the students and teachers though. The headmaster asked me why Alaska is part of the US, so I got to attempt to explain that. We also came up with the plan that we would paint the clinic tomorrow and try to get that done, then on Thursday, visit at the school a bit before seeing some more of Kumasi. When lunch did arrive, it was fried chicken and french fries. Not exactly what Kwesi ordered, but we all ate it up, along with the fresh fruit.

After eating, we got into the van and headed to the major market area of Kumasi. It is multiple city blocks square in size with cars and people everywhere. It was a little intense to walk around and try to see things to buy while also not getting hit by cars. Then in the middle of the market, we went into a clothing store that would have been normal in any mall in the states. It was like instant culture shock to have that store right in the middle of everything else. I almost bought a shirt, but decided to wait and see what the seamstress has for me this weekend.

We finished up at the market picking up some coconut and came back to the hotel to relax and have a fruit dinner. Today was really what I needed to start feeling like things are going well again on the trip for me.